By Dennis

Doggysthan: A world of the dogs, for the dogs and by the dogs, according to Sabari Girish Thampi, who runs the place. Sabari, a former corporate employee, is now leading a serene life here amidst rescued dogs in the outskirts of Arakere, Bengaluru, en route to the beautiful Nandi Hills. It is an epitome for the world-making of retired life. 

Sabari bid adieu to his stressful corporate life at the age of 54, having been through many health scares, even being admitted to the intensive care unit at the hospital more than once. During his career, he worked with several renowned organisations including the State Bank of India and American Express, holding the designation of Senior Director in the latter.  Since then, he has created a new version of his life; one where he takes care of rescued street dogs and puppies.   

This change in his life’s focus came the day he rescued a dog injured by an auto-rickshaw. He took it home and nursed it back to good health. The dog lover in him started dedicating his life to them and in return received peace and calmness. Sabari owes the tranquility he has now to the life amid his canine pals. 

“I was fed up with my life among us human beings, it was time to switch,” he recollects.

Sabari says that dog lovers often help out by sponsoring the dogs at the shelter. He only rescues or accepts stray dogs as he had mentioned before and doesn’t have any sort of commercial pattern, and interest, in running the place.

When the idea of Doggysthan developed, he started rescuing mongrel puppies and thus became a lover and promoter of Indian breeds. “The native breeds have great immunity and are rugged, but most people are unaware of that,” Sabari believes. 

His wife gives him immense support and enjoys organic farming in a piece of land adjoining Doggysthan. He adds with a smile that her fear of dogs also vanished while living in this “dog’s democracy”. They have raised many dogs over the years and currently have around 15 with them here.

Sabari and wife with the citizens of Doggysthan

By Dennis