By Bharath

This feature is part of a series by Voyance addressing coastal erosion, homelessness and displacement amongst indigenous coastal populations in Thiruvananthapuram/South Kerala.

In this documentary feature, we point our lens at the coastal village of Pozhiyoor, lying at the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Pozhiyoor’s eroding coastline is a matter of increasing concern. The vast beaches, which played a key role in this hamlet’s unique status as “Kerala’s Santhosh trophy village”, are fast disappearing. Through our visuals covering the land and the voices of the local populations, we inspect the phenomenon of coastal erosion in Pozhiyoor and the causes surrounding it. We highlight the plight of the fishing communities – their loss of livelihood and homes – and the concerns raised to the government by them.

Through our conversation with A.J. Vijayan (Founder-member of the National Fish Workers’ Forum, Researcher, Activist), we dig deeper into the history of erosion at Pozhiyoor, connected to Thengapattanam harbour in TN and other factors. He analyses the scientific aspects behind these phenomena, and the practical measures to consider while tackling the issues at present, and in future.

By Bharath